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VGI-100 - Four Channel Vacuum Gauge Interface (4 x RJ45 to RS485/RS232)

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Oct 2017 - Request for 32 year old documentation!

In July we reported here that we had received a request for documentation relating to a VCP-400 controller which was manufactured by us in 1990. In this case we were able to send the customer the documents they required within half an hour of receiving the enquiry. Well last month we received a request from a different customer for information about a PCB we designed and manufactured in 1985 (making the request for documentation relate to something 32 years old). This unit is still in use in the USA. The main drawings for this were done using pencil and paper and took a little while to locate, but within a couple of hours we had scanned in the appropriate drawings and e-mailed the scanned images to our customer.

Director Roger Swann made an MVP

We are pleased to announce that founding director Roger Swann has been made a member of the Embarcadero "Most Valued Professional" scheme.

Roger with Embarcadero expert, Pawel Glowacki

Roger Swann with Embarcadero expert, Pawel Glowacki at the Embarcadero presentation in London, May 2017

For more details about Roger Swann and his contribution as a "Most Valued Professional" click here

For Roger Swann's thoughts on C++ Programming click here


The four channel vacuum gauge interface unit VGI-100 is now available.

Click here to download (free of charge) a simulation of what the VGI-100 can do for your vacuum system. This version (726709) was updated Oct 2015. Check your current version (Help/About) to see if you are using the latest version.

Click here for more information on the VGI-100

Picture of VGI-100 four chanel temperature controller


Here are some examples of our hardware products


4 Channel analogue 12 bit opto-isolated USB analogue input 


Cigol Controls Limited, C++, NDIC-II   


Customer specific surface mount PCB designed by Cigol Controls  Worked first time - PCB designed for UK customer


Photograph of HSI_101 digital i/o unit